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Our Services

We offer a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to helping our clients in the following areas. Click below to learn more about these planning areas.

Customized Financial Planning

Clearview Wealth Partners provides the tools and a process to answer the “what-if” financial questions related to your future.  Whether it is the sale of your business, pending retirement, or gifting assets as part of your estate plan, we help you strategically model each scenario so you can make the best decisions for you and your family.

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Business Ownership & Succession

For many of our clients, their business is one of their largest assets.  We help our clients integrate their business succession plan with their personal financial and estate plans.  Whether your goal is to transfer the business to the next generation, a group of key employees, or preparing it for a future sale to a third party, Clearview Wealth Partners has the expertise to provide guidance you need. Together we’ll consider your business exit strategy, personal financial planning goals, and estate distribution objectives to develop an ideal approach.

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Investment Management

Clearview Wealth Partners provides family and individual wealth management services to help preserve and enhance your wealth. The success of a portfolio is directly tied to the investment due diligence process we develop for each client.

Our firm’s approach to asset allocation is a time-tested, mathematically based process that is the foundation to wealth creation, preservation, and generational planning.

Clearview Wealth Partners Investment Process:

  • We act as a fiduciary serving our clients’ best interests first, last, and always.
  • Portfolio design focuses on risk management, return requirements, tax efficiency and asset location strategies.
  • Open architecture investment platform—no proprietary investment requirements.
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There are three potential beneficiaries of your life’s work: your family, chosen charities/foundations, or the IRS. And if your estate has grown to the point where your family is exposed to the federal estate tax, the IRS’s share starts at around 40%.

We help you determine the path that works best for you today, so you can establish a legacy that expands far beyond tomorrow. We’ll collaborate with you and your extended financial team to develop a plan to make sure your assets go where you want, in the manner you want, and that we mitigate your estate tax exposure through a series of sophisticated gifting strategies available in the Internal Revenue Code to reduce your family’s estate tax liability.

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Risk Management

Say the words “insurance” to some people, and you’re likely to get a less than enthusiastic response. But insurance can provide the necessary liquidity and leverage when it is needed. 

The question is, do you need it to accomplish your financial goals, or to protect against the risk of life throwing you a curve ball?

Our financial planning process answers these questions and is based on a precise foundation to help you determine if insurance is needed, or not.

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